How to relaunch an amazing human capability

When I was 9 years old, I once was riding my bike, in fact, racing to follow my older brother and an even older friend towards our final destination. In trying to catch up I got lost in the middle of a huge forest because I chose the wrong track somewhere in between. My mother got scared a lot when everyone arrived, including my surprised father who was riding way behind with some other people.

I’ll never forget the moment I realized I was lost in a big forest, and all on my own, what should I do? For a while I kept on peddling on my small bike, searching shortcuts. The situation only got worse and I started really stressing out. Suddenly, out of the blue, I decided to turn around and drive back to a point I was familiar with and could remember.

Only a few miles off track but I was so happy when I recognized the small chapel on top of a hill. I was back on track and started riding in the right direction. My parents were really relieved to see me peddling towards them. At that moment, I was actually surprisingly calm, a huge difference to the feeling 15min earlier when I was totally lost.

Why would I take you back 20 years in time? And tell a childhood story like this? Because thinking back to this moment, I realized we all have the competences to guide us through difficult times. Apparently, over time when we grow older we seem to forget how to use this amazing human capability.

But you can implement this skill back in your life. How? Make sure you’ll always have a reference point, a personal compass to get back on track at any time in your life. And instead of keep on going, and start to stress even more, you should sometimes stop and grab back to things you know for sure. As a result, you will end up calm and relaxed.

That’s the importance of having a personal constitution, set in stone. Including your personal mission statement, your values, your rules of engagement in life!

#Motivation #Resilience

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