Being unhappy might be a good thing

A comment I often hear on personal development: “Isn’t the chase for happiness itself that makes people unhappy?”. Yes, this might happen sometimes. Unfortunately, you might die sooner than expected, so you’ll stop living then? And this means nothing more than stop growing. Phil Knight, founder Nike, had really wise words on this: “Life is growth, you grow or you die.” Seeking purpose, happiness isn’t an easy road, so if you don’t want to challenge yourself, stop reading. I won’t blame you. We all live our own lives, and respecting the choice of each individual is the start! Nevertheless, I believe life is wonderful if you’re willing to find your true inner self, which might take years, even decades. And be ready to doubt yourself, you’ll have second thoughts all the time. Don’t you think I have them often? I have chosen to invest 10 of my best years in chasing an impossible dream, end up at the Ironman Hawaï, without any physical capabilities to make it happen, no one believes this is realistic, why should I even try? But sometimes you just have to… Because you don’t know which unbelievable things could be ahead on your unique path, things that will stay covered forever if you don’t start dreaming and get out to find them. In conclusion, if you decide to invest in yourself, at times you will end op really unhappy since that’s what life is all about, because these all time lows will launch fantastic moments of happiness. You’ll have to live life in extremes, positive and negative, if you want to make everything out of it! And that’s why being unhappy from time to time is a good thing. However, as of today the feeling will be different since you’ll know a peak of happiness is ahead.

Originally posted at on December 7th, 2017

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