Water for life

If everything works out as planned, in exactly 9 months time, I’ll give birth to my childhood dream, become an Ironman! 3 years ago this journey started, I was 25 years old, graduated cum laude multiple times which resulted in a good job, I had a great girlfriend, amazing support of friends and family, but still missed something… I felt I wasn’t really myself, I wasn’t truly alive, I didn’t know what I actually wanted to do in my life to be happy and make the impact I hoped. Many times people said, “Nils, he’ll get there in life, that's for sure”, but I couldn’t understand what it was that triggered their belief. During this period, I took some wrong decisions which forced me to accelerate my learning curve and taught me to stay humble at all times. But I made one amazing choice, one that has changed my life. In fact, I started my life all over again drinking lots of water. What followed was amazing: the energy was released, the drive was unleashed, the dreams came alive… Tremendous! We’ve learned a lot, we’ve changed, but most importantly I’ve grown into the person I always wanted to be. Nothing special, no better than anyone else, just my unique self. So this resulted in the story I want to tell, I want to inspire as many people as possible to be their unique selves, to enjoy life to the fullest. But where do you start? The starting point is knowing you can dream and realize anything you want. As long as you’re willing to give yourself (lots of) time, make the right sacrifices, and are motivated enough to work towards achieving your dream every day. And that’s why I’ll take you on my journey to Ironman Kalmar, Sweden on August 18, 2018. Hoping to sparkle the light that will illuminate your own dreams, because when the dreams come alive, the happiness starts!

Originally posted at happinessofdreams.com on November 18th, 2017

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